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Arad-Nirari III Saba’a Stela, 810-783 BCE

Expedition to Palestine

Report on a campaign against Palestine from the Saba’a Stela. Published by E. Unger, Reliefe Stele Adadniraris III aus Saba’a und Semiramis (Publicationen der Kaiserlichen osmanischen Museen, No. 12, Konstantinopel, 1916). Translation Luckenbill, AR. 734-735-

In the fifth year (of my official rule) I sat down solemnly on my royal throne and called up the country (for war). I ordered the numerous army of Assyria to march against Palestine (Pa-la-áš-tu). I crossed the Euphrates at its flood. As to the numerous hostile kings who had rebelled in the time of my father Shamshi-Adad (i.e., Shamshi-Adad V) and had wi[thheld] their regular (tributes), [the terror-inpiring glam] or overwhelmed them (and) upon the command of Asur, Sin, Shamash, Adad (and) Ishtar, my trust (-inspiring) gods, they seized my feet (in submission). I received all the tributes […] which they brought to Assyria. I (then) ordered [to march] against the country Damascus (Ša-imērišu). I invested Mari’ in Damascus (Di-maš-qi) [and he surrendered]. One hundred talents of gold (corresponding to) on thousand talents of [silver], 60 talents of…[I received as his tribute].

Pritchard, James B., ed., Ancient Near Eastern Texts Relating to the Old Testament. Princeton, NJ- Princeton University Press, 1969.

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