Safwat Pasha“Ismail Safwat Pasha, Commander in Chief of Arab Liberation armies, was said to be en route from Cairo, Egypt, to Jenin after Fawzi el-Kawukji, the field commander had narrowly escaped capture yesterday.  But there was no confirmation from Arab quarters here of this news broadcast by the Cairo radio…

While the main Jewish forces overran Megiddo early this morning, Jewish sources said that another force, based on Jewish settlements at the foot of Mount Gilboa attacked the rear of Fawzi el-Kawukji forces entrenched at Lajjun.  Since then a temporary lull has prevailed in the region.

Megiddo, four miles from Mishmar Haemek, is the scene of Biblical Armageddon.  It was here that Viscount Allenby defeated the Turks in World War I.”

Source: New York Times, April 16, 1947