Jewish Mysticism
R. Simeon said- It has been taught that there are palaces that exist for the sake of arranging the order of praise of the Holy One, blessed be He, whether the order is that which exists in word or that which exists in will, for there is an order that exists in word and an order that exists in the will and intention of the heart, to know and contemplate, i.e., to contemplate above until the Infinite, for there are fixed all the intentions and thoughts, and they cannot be uttered at all. Rather, just as He is hidden so too all His words are hidden. Come and see that which has been said regarding these palaces- all these orders from one principle for the sake of comprising the lower in the upper.

Translated by Elliot Wolfson in “Forms of Visionary Ascent and Ecstatic Experience,” in Gershom Scholem’s Major Trends in Jewish Mysticism 50 Years After 209-235. Edited by J. Dan and P. Schafer, Tubingen- J. C. B. Mohr, 1993.