Jewish Mysticism
The Shekhinah does not dwell outside the land of Israel, and thus in order for the Shekhinah not to dwell upon him, he fled from the land of Israel. The Shekhinah dwells there, as it says, “Your wife should be as a fruitful vine within your house” (Ps. 128-3). “A fruitful vine,” this refers to the Shekhinah. Just as the Shekhinah was hidden within the Holy of Holies, so too a wife must be modest and not go out from her house.

Translated by Elliot Wolfson in “Occultation of the Feminine and the body of Secrecy in Medieval Kabbalah,” in Rending the Veil- Concealment and Revelation of Secrets in the History of Religions, 113-154. Edited by Elliot R. Wolfson, New York and London- Seven Bridges Press, 1999.