Jewish Mysticism
Come and see. There are three souls, and they ascend to known upper gradations, and since these are three, they are four. One is the supernal soul that is not grasped, and the treasurer of the upper house does not arouse it, much less below. This is the soul of all souls, and it is concealed and never revealed, and it is not known, and everything depends upon it. And it wraps itself within the splendor of the precious gem, within the brightness, and pearls suspend from it drop by drop, and they are all connected as one, like the connections of the members of a single body. And He enters into them and reveals His works through them. They and He are one, there is no separation between them. This supernal soul is the Concealed of All. There is another female soul, concealed within her power, and she is a soul for them, and with them the body is united, to show action through them to the whole world, like the body which is a utensil for the soul to perform action. And these are like those concealed connections above. Another soul is the souls of the righteous below. The souls of the righteous come from those souls above, from the soul of the feminine and the soul of the masculine. And because of this, the souls of the righteous are superior to all of the forces and camps above.

Translated by Hartley Lachter