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JERUSALEM, May 24 (delayed) (UP) -American Consul General Thomas C. Wasson, fatally wounded by a sniper’s bullet in a Jerusalem street, said on his deathbed, It was the Arabs.”

A spokesman for Haganah. the Jewish Army, implied that Arabs also killed United States Navy Communications expert Herbert M. Walker. The spokesman said Haganah troops drove off the men who shot Mr. Walker.

Mr. Wasson was wounded Saturday morning. He died early Sunday. A physician attending him asked, “How do you feel?”

“I feel half-dead.” Mr. Wassen said.

“Who shot you?” he was asked.

“It was the Arabs,” Mr. Wassen said.

“Are you sure?” he was asked.

“Yes, I saw two Arabs,” Mr. Warren said.

Soviet Press Reports on Israel

MOSCOW, May 26 (AP).-The Soviet press published without comment today an announcement that Russia has agreed to exchange diplomatic representatives with Israel.