Jewish Zionist Youth MovementLouis Untermeyer’s Adopted Son Held With 2d Zionist; F. B. I. Works With Police

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An arms cache in a West Twenty-eighth Street loft yielded additional guns and ammunition yesterday as police and Federal Bureau of Investigation agents continued to unpack burlap-wrapped bales addressed to individuals in Palestine.

Two members of the Zionist Youth Movement, Joseph Untermeyer, nineteen, of 600 West End Avenue, and Isaiah Warshaw, thirty, of 15 Mill Street, Brooklyn, who were found in the loft Tuesday packing food and clothing for Palestine, were charged in Youth Term of Felony Court with violating the Sullivan law. They were paroled by Magistrate Peter M. Horn for hearings on May 14 at the request of Assistant District Attorney Edward Donlevy, who said the police want to continue their investigation.

F. B. I. Men “Observers”

In the loft, on the top floor of a five-story building at 223 West Twenty-eighth Street, in the heart of the fur district, twenty detectives were unpacking and sorting arms and ammunition yesterday. Original estimates of the contents of the cache ran to 100 rifles, six machine-guns, 300 revolvers and six hand grenades. Deputy Chief Inspector Edward Mullins, in charge of West Side detectives, reported however, that new bales had been discovered and still were being opened. The F. B. I. men, he said, were acting as observers.

Part of the building in which the arms were found is occupied by an importing concern. Herman Sondovich, a partner in the company, said that Alexander Gurvitch, its vice-president, had given the Zionist Youth Movement permission to wrap food and clothing bundles there. Mr. Gurvitch was reported en route here from Paris, where he has been attending a Zionist meeting.

Neither of the arrested men would make any comment at their arraignment. Untermeyer, who is the adopted son of Louis Untermeyer, poet and anthologist, was represented by Paul O’Dwyer, brother of Mayor William D’Dwyer.