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Vespasian Triumphant, 70 CE

Vespasian Triumphant.jpg

Vespasian, 69-79 CE. Gold Aureus (7.32g), Lugdunum, struck c. 70 CE. C. 567. H-768. RIC-294.

Laureate head right of Vespasian. Reverse- Vespasian, holding palm branch and eagle-tipped scepter, standing in triumphal quadriga right with horses pacing; behind him, in car, stands Victory crowning emperor; in front, captive with bound hands escorted by a Roman soldier holding spear; in background, man standing right blowing a trumpet; TRIVMP AVG in exergue.

One of the rarest types of Judaea Capta coinage, this handsome example was struck immediately after the Jewish War concluded. The reverse is highly active.

Goldberg Lot 2786

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