Article 80, United Nations CharterThe Security Council,

Taking into consideration that previous resolutions of the Security Council in respect to Palestine have not been complied with and that military operations are taking place in Palestine,

1. Calls upon all Governments and authorities, without prejudice to the rights, claims or positions of the parries concerned, to abstain from any hostile military action in Palestine and to that end to issue;

a cease-fire order to their military and paramilitary forces to become effective within thirty-six hours after midnight New York standard time on 22 May 1948;

2. Calls upon the Truce Commission and upon all parties concerned to give the highest priority to the negotiation and maintenance of a truce in the City of Jerusalem;

3. Directs the Truce Commission established by the Security Council by its resolution 48 (1948) of 23 April 1948 to report to the Council on the compliance with the two preceding paragraphs of the present resolution;

4. Calls upon all parties concerned to facilitate by all means in their power the task of the United Nations mediator appointed in execution of General Assembly resolution 186 (S-2) of 14 May 1948.