Israel's Golan ActionAs the Security Council prepared to resume its debate late this afternoon on Israel’s annexation of the Golan Heights, there were no signs that Syria was about to change its uncompromising stance, demanding mandatory sanctions against Israel, despite the threat of a United States veto and despite the fact that so far Syria has not succeeded in obtaining the nine minimum votes needed for a resolution to be adopted.

Meanwhile, consultations continued here today over a compromise resolution initiated by Japan, Spain and Ireland, proposing “voluntary” sanctions against Israel as a punishment for its Golan move.

The three countries are seeking to avoid a U.S. veto in case of a resolution calling for mandatory sanctions against the Jewish State. Israeli diplomats and others here dismissed today the Japan-Spain-Ireland initiative as not “serious” in the face of the Syrian adamant stance up to now.

The United States assured Israel last week that it will veto any resolution calling for sanctions against Israel. Diplomats here said today that the Security Council will not be able to conclude the Golan debate before Friday due to the long list of speakers and in the absence of a final draft resolution.