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Umayyad Dinars – There is no God except Allah, c. 700


 Uamayyad Dinars

Uamayyad Dinar Hoard

Hoard of Umayyad Dinars found at Capernaum in 1983. Removal of a paving stone from the inner courtyard of a Byzantine house at Capernaum revealed the cache of gold. Valued today at $250,000, these 282 dinars were minted in Damascus during the Omayyad dynasty, about 695–743 A.D. At that time, the annual salary of an Omayyad soldier was approximately one dinar.

Obverse, in field- There is no god except Allah alone; He has no partner.

Around- Muhammad is the Apostle of Allah whom He sent with guidance and the religion of truth that he may make it victorious over every other religion [Sura 9-33].

Reverse, in field- Allah is One, Allah is Eternal. He begets not, neither is He begotten [Sura 112-1-3].

Around- In the name of Allah this dinar was struck in the year___.

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