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WASHINGTON, June 12.-(INS)-America’s military establishment moved today to rush three patrol vessels and three transport planes to Palestine to assist Count Folke Bernadotte in enforcing the four-week Arab-Jewish truce.

A formal request from the United Nations mediator was transmitted to the Navy and the Air Force by the State Department with a request for prompt action.

Although the Navy did not immediately announce the type of war craft to be dispatched to the Holy Land, it was presumed they would be three destroyers from the Mediterranean task force.

The Air Force ordered three Beechcraft planes-twin-engine, 5-passenger jobs-to proceed at once from Germany. They will be used by the Swedish Count Bernadotte in transporting his observer teams to and from vantage points in the Jewish-Arab fighting areas.

In addition to the three U. S. vessels, Bernadotte had asked France for two and Belgium one. These craft will patrol Palestine’s coastal waters to prevent violation of the U. N. Security Council’s edict.