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JERUSALEM, Jan. 28 (AP)-Rabbi Abba Hillel Silver, American Jewish Agency executive, said today he had been recalled to the agency to appear before the United Nations in New York.

“It is clear that without an international police force and official arming of the Jewish militia (Haganah), implementation of the United Nations decision to partition Palestine will be jeopardized,” he said in a parting statement.

Rabbi Silver, Cleveland, Ohio, political and religious leader, had planned to stay in the Holy Land two months, but said he would leave on the Jewish Agency order immediately.

He told newsmen he had found the Jews in Palestine “deeply troubled over reports the United States is failing to put its full weight back of implementation of the United Nations partition decision.

“On the contrary,” he said, “they feel the State Department is reverting to the old technique of trying to circumvent policy on Palestine. If America withholds support from implementation at the very moment Arab violence is trying to frustrate it, it would be a betrayal of both the United Nations and the Jewish people.”

He added that “President Truman and Secretary of State Marshall must fully realize the necessity of an international force and arming of the Jewish militia. They surely won’t permit subordinate officials to scuttle the plan for partition which they supported.”