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By Jack Werkley

WASHINGTON, Jan. 22.-The State Department is considering plans for removal from Palestine of American citizens who wish to leave, in anticipation of still more fighting in the Holy Land, it was learned today. One plan under study would involve establishment of facilities at the port of Haifa and opening of an American Consulate there.

The State Department also is preparing to warn American citizens participating in the present fighting that they are liable to lose their citizenship by doing so and will not be entitled to American protection on intervention.

The American Consulate at Jerusalem, at present the only one in Palestine, has been instructed to take up the passports of any American citizens found participating in the fighting. This move is aimed directly at the large number of American students reported to have joined the Jewish forces.

The Administration desires to forestall the possibility of some “incident” which might be made a basis for demands that American troops intervene in the Holy Land. It is determined that no American troops shall be sent into Palestine. Thus far, this applies even to proposals for an international police force to enforce the United Nations partition decision.

One reason is a fear that the Soviet Union would demand the right to send troops to Palestine if American troops were sent there. A proposal to send even a few United States marines to guard the consulate at Jerusalem has been abandoned. A small civilian guard may be sent, under present plans.