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LAKE SUCCESS, N. Y., Feb. 3 (UP)-The United Nations Palestine Commission today protested the British refusal to let the commission enter Palestine immediately.

The five-member commission, composed of representatives of Czechoslovakia, Bolivia, Panama, Denmark and the Philippines, dispatched a strongly-worded letter to the British, asking that London reconsider its decision.

The commission also decided to send an advanced group of lesser employees to Palestine now.

The British have agreed to let secretariat members go to the Holy Land, but have warned that British troops would not be responsible for the safety of the five commission members if they arrived before May 1.

The commission drafted a letter to British Delegate Sir Alexander Cadogan. The letter said the commission would find it impossible to carry out its duties of administering the partition of Palestine unless it was allowed to enter the Holy Land earlier than two weeks before the British mandate ends.

The British have announced that they will give up control of Palestine about May 15.