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LAKE SUCCESS, May 8 (AP)- Top United Nations delegates were reported tonight generally agreed creating an emergency regime for Palestine.

Sentiment for a provisional administration for the Holy Land was said authoritatively to have crystallized after long meetings among the delegates.

The special U. N. Assembly on Palestine is working against time. The British plan to give up the Palestine mandate at midnight Friday. The Assembly is trying to shape up at least a token organization to fill the vacuum created by the British action.

It is realized here such an organization would have only the moral force of the U. N. to back it up.

Finn Moe, Norway’s delegate to the Assembly, was assigned the task of drawing up over the week end concrete proposals for a 12-nation subcommittee of the Assembly to consider.

Moe said he would list the points on which the delegates are agreed and on which they are not agreed so that the subcommittee will have something definite to work on at its next meeting Monday morning.

The Arab Higher Committee was reported to have suggested three names to the U. N. for the proposed post of neutral Mayor (Commissioner) of Jerusalem.

An informed source said the Arabs put up these nominees-

1-A. L. Miller, an American executive secretary of the Jerusalem YMCA.

2-A. P. Clark, British citizen, head of Barclay’s Bank in Jerusalem and a resident of that city for 30 years.

3-Father Eugene, an Irishman and a Franciscan monk, who has lived in Jerusalem for years.

It was said also that the Jewish Agency for Palestine has not yet submitted any names.