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NEW DELHI, Jan. 15 (AP)-Mohandas K. Gandhi’s physicians said today (Thursday) that the 78-year old Indian patriot’s life now was in danger as a result of his self-imposed starvation in protest of the bloody religious fighting in India and Pakistan.

Gandhi, who has abstained from food since Tuesday morning, emphasized grimly, however, that he would continue fasting to the death unless an awakened public conscience halted the slaughter which has wracked the partitioned subcontinent since last August.

Dr. B. C. Roy, who attended Gandhi during a 21-day fast in 1943, arrived in a chartered plane from Calcutta to be with him. Dr. Jivaraj Mchta, director-general of Government health services, moved into the room next to Gandhi’s.

At his regular prayer meeting last night, Gandhi took cognizance of a reported train massacre in Pakistan in which there were only 750 known survivors of 2400 non-Moslem refugees.

The “official version” of his prayer meeting address, released early today, said-

“It distresses me. How long can the (Indian) union put up with such things; how long can I bank on the patience of the Hindus and Sikhs in spite of my fast? Pakistan has to put a stop to this state of affairs. They must purify their hearts and pledge themselves that they will not rest until Hindus and Sikhs can return and live in safety in Pakistan.”

The incident to which Gandhi referred was reported by the Indian government, which said Pathan tribesmen Tuesday ambushed a train carrying the 2400 non-Moslem refugees at Gujrat, Pakistan.