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JERUSALEM, March 10 (U.P.)-Three British constables were caught taking part in an Arab assault on the Jewish village of Neve Y Aacov, a Palestine government spokesman announced. They were seized by British army troops.

The Jewish extremist Stern Gang and the Haganah organization immediately accused the three Britons of being the perpetrators of the Ben Yehuda street bombing in Jerusalem last month in which some 60 Jews were killed.

A government announcement said the three constables were “absent without leave.” It said the government feared their presence with Arab forces would lead to serious repercussions iron angered Jews.

Identified only as Ross, Ackhurst and Stephenson, the three were brought back to Jerusalem’s army prison under heavy guard.

Haganah already had plastered the streets of Jerusalem, Haifa and Tel Aviv with thousands of posters alleging that these three constables and a fourth named White had joined Arab forces and were participating in attacks on Jewish settlements.

The army was summoned to Neve Y Aacov, midway between Jerusalem and Ramallah, when Haganah sent a wireless signal to its headquarters in Tel Aviv saying, “we are being attacked by the Arab Legion.” This message was relayed to army headquarters, which rushed units to the Jewish village.

Ross, Ackhurst and Stephenson were caught in an armored car without number plates when the troops arrived, according to an announcement. The Arab attackers apparently escaped.

Jews at Neve Y Aacov said they believed the attackers were members of the Legion because of their uniforms.

It was pointed out, however, that the uniforms of the Syrian “army of liberation” in Palestine are similar to the Tran-Jordan legionnaires of King Abdullah and it was believed the former had launched the attack. There was no report of casualties.