Zenon PapyrusZenon Archive/Tebtunis Papyrus III 817; CPJUD. I 23

We have reason to believe that, by and large, the Jews of Egypt observed the Judaic commandments. A papyrus from the “Zenon Archive” dating from the third century B.C.E. attests the respect of the Sabbath: in a tally of brick deliveries, the number of bricks delivered on the seventh day of the month of Epeiph was replaced by the Greek word for Sabbath, sabbata (Papyrus Cairo Zenon IV 59762; CPJud. I 10). We find one of Zenon’s employees taking Sabbath leave, undoubtedly with the consent of his employer.

Source: Joseph Mélèze Modrzejewski. The Jews of Egypt.

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