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The Wisdom of Amenemope, 1250 BCE

The_Wisdom_of_AmenemopeEgyptian text which bears resemblance to the Book of Proverbs


Give thine ears, hear what is said, give thy mind to interpret them; to put them in your heart is good.

Bow down thine ear and hear the words of the wise and apply thine heart unto my knowledge (xxii. 17).

Remove not the boundary stone on the boundaries of the fields and displace not the measuring cord, be not covetous of a yard of ploughland and tear not down the widow’s boundary.

Be not covetous of the poor man’s goods and hunger not for his bread.

Set not the balance wrongly, tamper not with the weights, reduce not the portions of the corn measure.

Bring nobody into misfortune before the judges and warp not justice.

Ridicule not the blind man nor be scornful of any dwarf, render not vain the intentions of the lame.

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