Samaritan Ten CommandmentsAgain the ancient sources reflect the dubious effect of the forced conversions of the Samaritans who became Christians after their failed rebellion.

In this year (110), when the Samaritans revolted and created for themselves an emperor and Caesar, Irenaeus the son of Pentadia was sent as magister militum (111) and put many to death. And certain of them in fear came to Christianity under compulsion, and were received and baptized, and up till the present day they waver between the two- under stringent officials they deceive by appearance and they falsely and wickedly manifest themselves as Christians, but under lax and greedy officials, they conduct themselves as Samaritans and haters of Christians and as if ignorant of Christianity, persuading the officials by means of money to favor Samaritans.

Whitby and Whitby, Chronicon Paschale,p. 111.

110. 530 C.E.

111. Chief of the army.