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The Parts of the Whole

  1. Toledo BibleOverview
    1. The Parts of the Whole, Christine Hayes, Open Yale Courses (Transcription), 2006.
  2. Primary sources
    1. Babylonian Talmud Bava Batra 14b-15a- The Order of Scripture
    2. Mishnah Yadayim 3-5- The Debate Over the Biblical Canon
    3. Tosefta Yadayim 2-14- The Biblical Canon and Divine Inspiration
    4. Josephus, Against Apion I, 37-43- Authenticity of Scripture
  3. Secondary sources
    1. Synopsis of the Contents of the TaNaKh (the Jewish Bible), Christine Hayes.
    2. The Biblical Heritage, Lawrence H. Schiffman, From Text to Tradition, Ktav Publishing House, Hoboken, NJ, 1991.
    3. The Canonization of the Hebrew Scriptures
    4. The Biblical Age, Returning, the Land of Israel as a Focus in Jewish History, Benjamin J. Segal, World Zionist Organization, Jerusalem 1987.
  4. Videos
    1. The Parts of the Whole, Christine Hayes.
  5. Websites
    1. The Bible and Interpretation
    2. Bible History Online
    5. Biblical Archaeology
    6. Biblical Archaeology Society
    7. Biblical Studies Resources
    8. Codex- Resources for Biblical Studies
    9. iTanakh
    10. JANES- The Jewish Theological Seminary, Scholars and Research
    11. Journal of Hebrew Scriptures
    12. Society of Biblical Literature
  6. Further Reading
    1. Further Reading- Introduction to the Hebrew Bible
    2. Annotated Old Testament Bibliography – 2008
    3. Further Reading- Rembrandt and the Bible

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