Map of West BankIn confirmation of the confidence of the nation; in acknowledgement of the meritorious efforts exerted by his Majesty ‘Abdallah ibn al-Husayn, of the aspirations of the people; in reliance on the right of self-determination; in view of the present situation of the eastern and western banks of the Jordan and their ethnic, cultural, and geographic unity; and in consideration of the compulsion of their common interests and living space, the Jordanian Parliament representing both banks does on this 7th day of Rajab 1369, corresponding to 24 April 1950, declare as follows-

Firstly- It confirms the complete unity of the eastern and the western banks of the Jordan and their merging into one state, the Hashimite Kingdom of Jordan, at the head of which is His Hashimite Majesty the exalted King ‘Abdallah ibn al-Husayn, a state based on a parliamentary, constitutional regime and on equality of rights and duties among all its citizens.

Secondly- It confirms the reservation of all Arab rights in Palestine, the defence of such rights by all legitimate means and with full competence, without prejudice to the final settlement of their just case within the scope of the people’s aspirations and of Arab co-operation and international justice.

Thirdly- This decree, issued by the two chambers of Parliament—the Senate and the Chamber of Deputies—representing both banks of the Jordan, shall be submitted to His Exalted Majesty and shall be considered effective upon receiving the high royal sanction.

Fourthly- This decree shall be published executed by the government of the Hashimite Kingdom of the Jordan as soon as it has receive high royal sanction and shall be communicated to our sister Arab states and to friendly foreign states by the usual diplomatic means.