President Anwar SadatThe Arab Republic of Egypt

The President’s Secretariat for Information


No. 20, dated October 20, 1973

To- President Hafez al-Assad

We have been fighting Israel for the fifteenth day running. Israel fought us on its own in the first four days and its real position was exposed on the Egyptian and Syrian fronts- it lost, by its own admission, 800 tanks and more than 200 aircraft on both fronts.

For the last ten days, however, I have been fighting the United States on the Egyptian front, armed as she is with the most sophisticated weapons in her possession. I simply cannot fight the United States or bear the historical responsibility for having our armed forces destroyed once again.

I have therefore informed the Soviet Union that I have agreed to a cease-fire on existing lines on the following conditions-

1. The Soviet Union and the United States shall guarantee an Israeli withdrawal, as proposed by the Soviet Union;

2. A peace conference at the UN shall be held to secure agreement on a comprehensive settlement as proposed by the Soviet Union.

My heart bleeds even as I tell you this, but I feel that I am forced by my sense of responsibility to take this decision. I shall at the right time face our people, our nation, with all this, so that the people may bring me to book for it.

With best wishes,


Anwar el-Sadat

October 20, 1973