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Talmud, 13th century

Thirteenth Century TalmudDuring the Middle Ages the Talmud was the target of relentless condemnation, vilification and censorship by the Christian Church. Vicious hostility to its allegedly offensive and blasphemous contents led to frequent public burnings, the first in Paris in 1242.

As a result, very few complete manuscripts of the Talmud have survived, and the remaining fragmentary ones are also rather scarce.

This manuscript (in square Ashkenazi hand) is an exceptionally rare specimen, which, fortunately, has not been censored or mutilated.

It shows the end of tractate Arakhin (‘Valuations’), which deals with issues relating to the upkeep of the sanctuary, and the start of tractate Keritot (‘Excisions’), which discusses sins that incur divine punishment.

British Library- 13th-century Talmud

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