Harold E. StassenFor U. N. Troops Rather Than Lifting Embargo; Seeks Boston Delegates

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BOSTON, May 26 (AP).-Harold E. Stassen said today he is in favor of the United Nations sending a “stabilizing force” to Palestine rather than lifting the arms embargo.

The Republican Presidential aspirant said such a force could be organized without giving Russia a chance for a possible veto.

The foreigner Minnesota Governor came to Massachusetts seeking “second choice” support among the Bay State’s thirty-five delegates, who have already indicated they would cast their first ballot at Philadelphia for Senator Leverett Saltonstall.

After a series of private meetings with Republican leaders and the delegates. Mr. Stassen told newsmen- “I have had a very encouraging day in Massachusetts.”

Mr. Stassen declared he was in favor of extending the reciprocal trade treaties three years as long as there were “safeguard clauses.” He predicted that some extension-whether for one or three years-would be approved by the Republican-controlled Congress.

He said that as a Presidential nominee he would like a running mate from either New England or the Middle Atlantic States-“some one who holds the same liberal philosophy I do.”