Jewish Mysticism
It is known that concealment is disclosure and disclosure concealment (ha-he‘lem hu’ gilluy we-ha-gilluy hu’ he‘lem). The explanation of this is that on account of the abundance of luminosity and clarity within it the supernal light is not comprehended at all but it is hidden from every eye … and for the sake of governance of the worlds it was necessary for him to impart some reality so that something, however minuscule, will be comprehended from this light. For this reason there was the dissemination (hitpashtut), for by means of the dissemination of this emanation this light was thickened and sweetened in a manner that it may be comprehended and through which one may conduct oneself.

Translated by Elliot Wolfson in “Divine Suffering and the Hermeneutics of Reading- Philosophical Reflections on Lurianic Mythology,” in Suffering Religion, 101-162, Edited by R. Gibbs and E. R. Wolfson. New York and London- Routledge, 2002, from Solomon Alkebetz, Liqqutei Haqdamot le-Hokhmat ha-Qabbalah, MS Oxford, Bodleian Library 1663, fols. 175a-b, cited in Ben-Shlomo, Mystical Theology, pp. 268-269.