Jewish Mysticism
We are in the supernal pairing of ’Abba’ and ‘Imma’, and our intention now is elevate the female waters (mayyin nuqvin) to them from their offspring, which are Ze‘eir and Nuqba’, and also the souls of the righteous, and all of these need to elevate the female to the supernal mother. Thus the verse says, “Ascribe might to God, whose majesty is over Israel” (Ps. 68-35). The explanation of this is that God, blessed be He, as it were, needs help, support, and strength from the actions of Israel below. Malkhut is called the “fallen booth of David” (Amos 9-11), for on account of our sins and through our evil actions she has fallen. When she desires to ascend, it must be by means of our merits and good actions, for our sins cause her to fall, as it were, and our merits elevate her. Thus, it is not possible for her to ascend now if there are not completely righteous men amongst us whose holy and pure souls have the power to elevate her to the place of the mother. … For this reason the exile continues and it is prolonged, for there is none amongst us who can rise to this level. If there were amongst us someone who could elevate his soul, he would also elevate Malkhut and the union would be accomplished properly, and the time of redemption would be expedited.

Translated by Elliot Wolfson in, “Coronation of the Sabbath Bride- Kabbalistic Myth and the Ritual of Androgynisation,” Journal of Jewish Thought and Philosophy 6 (1997)- 301-344.