The “Security fence” Consists of two high-rise metal fences, topped by razor wire and equipped with sensor pads, movement detectors, spotlights and infrared cameras. It’s Patrolled 24 hours a day by the military. The six mile-long barrier, which many Arabs believe stands on occupied land ringing an illegal settlement, will now be double in height to 20 feet, making it higher than the old Berlin Wall.

No, we’re not talking about Israel’s security barrier. The “apartheid wall” described above surround Melilla which, together with Ceuta, is a leftover of Spain’s Colonial past in Northern Africa. Surrounded by Morocco, both enclaves are claimed by Rabat.

In the last Few weeks alone, hundreds of black Africans trying to cross into Melilla have clashed with Spanish troops leaving dozens of would-be Immigrants injured. Doctors without Borders criticize the “violence” used by the Spanish security forces. Three Africans have died in or near Melilla in unclear circumstances. Spanish police deny any responsibility for the deaths.

There’s more than a hint of hypocrisy here. While Spain and much of Europe condemn Israel for building a security fence on disputed territory, the Socialist government in Madrid – which talks grandly of an “Alliance of Civilizations” – does exactly the same. Only, unlike in Israel’s case, this wall isn’t there to stop terrorist and save lives It’s intended to keep out Sub-Saharans looking for a better life. Spain even gets European Union funding for it.

Source: The Wall Street Journal The ‘Apartheid Wall’