September 1st, 1929 Arab Murder, Mayhem, and Massacre

The Palestine Arab Proclamation Expectation“

The Palestine Arab Executive

Sent the Following Telegram

To His Excellency The High Commissioner Regarding His Proclamation

Proclamation Dated 1st. Sept., 1929

Palestine Arabs read with astonishment and regret your Excellency’s Proclamation dated 1st instant.  None anticipated that widely known facts admitted by Government, that most Jews were self armed, that Government armed many Jews, that there were no mutilations among Jewish mobs killed isolated Arabs women and children, that first murders of women and children were committed by Jews, that Jewish mobs killed isolated Arab women and children, that first murders of women and children were committed by Jews against Arabs, that even disciplined British soldiers shot Arab men, women, and children in their homes and beds at Sour-Baher and elsewhere, that troubles in Palestine, past and present, are directly caused by British Zionist Policy, which aimed at annihilating the Arab Nation in its country in favour of reviving a nonexistent Jewish Nation, facts all of which would be thwarted by a hasty untimely proclamation.  Your Excellency know that Palestine Arabs lost everything to fear the loss of anything; therefore British troops will find them unarmed submitting to any havoc.  If there remains any sense of Justice, to which Arabs are entitled, they insist that an impartial inquiry be made by outsiders, whose sense of Justice is not curbed by Zionist influence.  In the two previous inquiries made in similar conditions, by unbiased British Commissions, Arabs gratefully proclaim they were relieved by having their political agonies and noble national aims unfolded.  Arabs strongly believe that similar inquiry will relate to the world a more truthful story of their condition and these troubles than that depicted; this proclamation issued before giving them any chance to be heard.  Then the world will see that Jews, whose aggressions have surpassed political aims to religious ones, whose provocations lately became insupportable, as admitted by Government, whose atrocities do not fall short of this proclamation’s accusation against Arabs, were responsible for the present troubles together with the policy supporting them.  This proclamation should have succeeded and not preceded such impartial inquiry, and we are sure that reconsideration of the situation will lead Your Excellency to a more rightful judgment.

Secretaries                                                                                                                         President Arab Executive

Aouni Abdulhadi                                                                                                             Mousa Kazim El-Husseini

Jamaal El-Husseini

Moughanam E. Moughanam                                                                                                                                                      ”

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