Arabs dont meet Jews in 1948September 11th, 1929 Arab Murder, Mayhem, and Massacre

Proclamation issued by the Arab Youth Association

O Arab! Remember that the Jew is your strongest enemy and the enemy of your ancestors since olden times. Do not be misled by his tricks for it is he who tortured Christ, peace be upon him, and poisoned Mohammed, peace and worship be with him. It is he who now endeavours to slaughter you as he did yesterday. Be aware that the best way to save yourself and your Fatherland from the grasp of the foreign intruder and greedy Jew is to boycott him. Therefore boycott him and support the industry of your Fatherland and God.

Source: Palestine Diary by Lt. Colonel F. H. Kisch, C.B.E, D.S.O. Victor Gollancz TLD, London 1938. p. 268 (printed at the Muslem Orphanage Press, which is the press of the Muslem Supreme Council)