[This classic instance of counter-history was widely circulated in the medieval
Jewish world.]

The beginning of the creation of Jesus- His mother Miriam was a [young] Jewess. She
had a betrothed, who was of priestly descent, from the house of David, and his name was
Yohanan. He was knowledgeable in Torah and very God-fearing. Across from the
entrance to her house was a comely …, named Joseph ben Pandra, who lusted after her.
On a Saturday evening, he [Joseph] passed by the entrance to her house, drunk.
He entered, but she thought he was Yohanan her betrothed. She hid her face and was
embarrassed. He embraced her, and she said to him- “Don’t touch me, for I am
menstruating.” He paid no heed to her words. He lay down with her, and she became
pregnant by him.

At midnight, her betrothed R. Yonhanan came. She said to him- “What is this?
You have never done this from the day you betrothed me, coming to me twice on the
same night.” He replied- “Now is the first time I have come to you this night.” She said
to him- “You came to me, and I said to you that I am menstruating. You paid no heed
and worked your will. Then you left.” When he heard this, he immediately realized that
Joseph ben Pandera had lusted after her and had done this deed. He [Yohanan] then left

He rose early and went to Rabban Simon ben Shetah. He said to him- “Know
what happened to me last night with my betrothed. I went to her in a normal way.
Before I could touch her, she said to me- “You have already come to me once tonight. I
said to you that I was menstruating, and you did not listen to me. You [had] your way
with me, and then you left.’ When I heard her words, I left her.” Rabban Simon ben
Shetah said to him- “Who is it that has fallen on your heart?” He said- “Ben Pandera,
who lives close to her house and has pursued her.” He said- “I know that you have no
witnesses in this matter, therefore be silent. If he has entered once, it is impossible that
he not enter a second time. Be wise this time, and prepare witnesses.”

After some days, the rumor circulated that Miriam was pregnant. Her betrothed
Yohanan said- “She has not become pregnant by me. If I remain here, I will hear
calumny from people every day.” He arose and left for Babylonia. Subsequently, she
gave birth to a son, and he was given the name Joshua, in honor of her uncle. After his
errors were discovered, they called him Jesus.