Ahasverus, Haman and Esther, Rembrandt

Haman and Ahasuerus visit Esther, Rembrandt, Pushkin State Museum, Moscow

“”So the king and Haman came to feast with Queen Esther.  On the second day, the king again asked Esther at the wine feast, ‘What is your wish, Queen Esther?  I shall be granted you…’” Esther 7:1-2 (JPS Tanakh)

Triumph of Mordechai

The Triumph of Mordecai, Rembrandt, Collection of George Blumenthal

“So Haman took the garb and the horse and arrayed Mordecai and paraded him through the city square; and he proclaimed before him: This is what is done for the man whom the king desires to honor!”  ”  Esther 6:11 (JPS Tanakh)

Sistine Chapel

The Punishment of Haman by Michelangelo, Sistine Chapel, 1512