Medieval W. Christendom
To our venerable brother, the Bishop of Paris, greetings.

The petition of our beloved son Raynerius Flamingus, a burgher of Paris, which
has been shown to us, indicates that he would like to construct a chapel in honor of our
Lord Jesus Christ. [He would like to construct this chapel] on that site in the city of Paris
in which certain Jews, after piercing the revered Eucharist with a knife, immersed it in
boiling water of a pot suspended above a fire. It is known that this water was
transformed into blood through a divine miracle. [He would like] to assign to it a proper
emolument from his goods, from which the chapel might be might be appropriately
sustained in perpetuity, so that the right of patronage over that chapel would be retained
for him and his heirs. Whence that burgher humbly beseeched us that we deign to bestow
upon him the assistance of apostolic favor, through which it would be possible to fulfill
his vow.

Therefore, commending the proposal of this burgher in this regard and obtaining
the full support of your wisdom in the Lord, we order your fraternity through apostolic
writ with respect to the aforesaid burgher to the construction of that chapel on the
aforesaid site, if that site belongs to that burgher or otherwise after he has acquired it
legally and reserved it in perpetuity for his heirs and successors.

Given at Anagni, on July 17 of the first year.