AntisemitismThe Jewish Identity Center, an activist organization which has long focused on the rise of anti-Semitism in the United States and its ominous threat to American Jews, today announced the opening of a permanent exhibit on anti-Semitism soon to be housed in New York City. The exhibit, which will constitute a branch of the Museum of the Potential Holocaust which is based in Jerusalem, will be under the sponsorship of the Center.

Shifra Hoffman, executive director of the Center, who has been touring the U.S. with a display of hate literature from the National Socialist White People’s Party (Nazi Party), the Ku Klux Klan and other rapidly rising hate groups, said that the purpose of opening a branch of the Jerusalem-based museum would be to make American Jews “aware of the magnitude and scope of Jew-hatred that is being disseminated with impunity here, seeking to make Jews the scapegoat for economic and social ills.”

Mrs. Hoffman, who recently returned from a speaking tour in a number of American cities where she appeared on television and was interviewed by the media, called upon American Jewish leaders not to “minimize or seek to sweep under the proverbial carpet this growing threat to the physical survival of the American Jewish community.”