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TO THE EDITOR of THE SUN-Sir- Your correspondent William Henry is right in finding that the cartoon by Rube Goldberg, “It’s too hot for me in there,” suggests something that has no foundation in fact.

Of course, Britain is not frightened of a handful of patriots in Palestine, most of them boys and girls in their teens. But “John Bull,” who, I feel, represents England better at present than the famous British Lion, is a practical gentleman. After twenty-five years or more of misrule he has managed to arouse the youth of Palestine to rebellion just at a time when he is a little short of cash. A long occupation would be costly; besides, many in England believe men could be better employed digging coal and doing other work for which all hands are sorely needed.

Mr. Henry in his last paragraph suggests that the Zionists will regret having “pushed matters to such extremes” and would dearly love, even now, to have their “protectors” remain in Palestine. Certainly they know what is being readied for them, but I cannot imagine that any one would prefer the frying pan to the fire. Certainly not the young people. I spent several years among them and was told by one and all, that-“we prefer to die on our feet, than live on our knees.”

Like most young people, they have confidence in themselves and the justice of their cause, and do not really expect to die. Well, many of them survived slave-labor camps, and many fought with the “underground” of their respective countries or with the British Army during the war. Perhaps God spared them to live and not to die. I know that is how they feel about it.

-MARY KING GAFNEY, Jackson Heights.