Oct. 19, 1898 Theodor Herzl Meets Kaiser Wilhelm II  Of German in Palestine

On board the “Imperator Nicholas II”

I accompanied the draft for the address with the following letter to Bulow:

Your Excellency:

I beg to enclose herewith the draft for my address to His Majesty. I have spent a very bad night with all sorts of pains in my heart and am virtually incapacitated for work. I shall append the conclusion later. I am leaving at ten o’clock, shall be at Smyrna on Thursday morning, at Piraeus on Friday, at Alex­andria on Sunday, Port Said on Tuesday, Jaffa on Wednesday. Any messages should kindly be sent via the Legation of the city concerned, where I shall call immediately if a line is left at Thomas Cook’s Office. Above all, I request most respectfully that word be sent me at Alexandria as to when and where the deputation is to present itself to His Majesty, and also as to whether Palestinian Zionists are to be added to the deputation (which consists of five European Zionists). I would have to know this as early as Alexandria, in order to make the necessary ar­rangements.

If the proposed draft of my address is not satisfactory, I shall make the desired corrections in Palestine.

Begging Your Excellency to accept the expression of my deep­est respect, I am

Very sincerely yours,

Dr. Th. H.

Source: Diaries of Theodore Herzl, Central Zionist Archives