LONDON, Dec. 17 (AP)—Dr. Nahum Goldman, of the executive of the Jewish Agency for Palestine, said in an interview today that Jewish legal experts, working on a draft constitution for the projected Jewish Palestine state—which may be named Judea—have included a clause binding the country to neutrality on the Swiss model in any future world conflicts.

Dr. Goldman, who is en route from New York to Palestine to attend a general Zionist council on Jan. 15 on setting up the new state, said that perpetual neutrality would be justified because millions of Jews would still remain scattered in the Eastern World as well as the Western World.

A Jewish Agency spokesman said, however, that a period of “indefinite” conflict with partition-resisting Arabs was foreseen and an army of at least 10,000 would have to be maintained at an initial weekly expenditure of $500,000 to defend the country.

Dr. Goldman outlined these points in the interview-

Eliezer Kaplan, Jewish Agency treasurer, is now in the United States examining the prospects of raising a loan from the export-import Bank and the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development, to capitalize national projects.

An economic and defense delegation of fifty American Jews will fly to Palestine in February to survey financial needs of the new state.

American Jews will be asked by the United Jewish Appeal to subscribe $250,000,000 to meet the new state’s overseas needs, including $146,000,000 for defense.

World Jewry will be invited to subscribe to an internal loan.

Between 100,000 and 200,000 Jewish immigrants will be brought in by the end of 1950, with those now in European displaced persons camps receiving priority.

The United States may be asked to sell or lend-lease ships for transporting them.

Jewish Palestine probably will remain in the sterling bloc.

The political relationship between world Zionism and Palestine Jewry remains to be settled. Jews of Palestine are largely Socialist, in contrast to many of Zionism’s supporters abroad.

The country will apply for United Nations membership as soon as possible, and may seek to be heard at any future peace conference on Germany.

A Jewish Agency spokesman said the new state may file a claim for reparations against Germany on account of the “murders, sufferings and persecutions” that Jews underwent.