Jewish Mysticism
The name of the visible Presence is rl”w and thus it is called ANPNSREL [= 716] which numerically equals [the expression, He is 236,000 myriad parasangs] we-hu’ rl”w we-’elef parsah [= 716]. There are some who call [the Shekhinah] ANRPNSREL [= 912] and it numerically equals we-SHQWSYT [= 912], which is also the numerology of we-rl”w ’elef ribbo’ parsah [i.e., the dimensions of the Shi‘ur Qomah, 236,000 myriad parasangs] for of the Holy One, blessed be He, [it is said] “Great is our Lord and full of power” (Ps. 147-5), but “His wisdom is beyond recokning” (ibid.). This [measurable being] is the Shekhinah that appears to the prophets, and the Creator created this form with several colors, as it says, “There was a radiance all about him” (Ezek. 1-27), the word radiance (we-nogah) has the same letters as the [word] color (ha-gawwen)… and this is the numerical equivalence of [the word] secret (sod)… and the numerical equivalence of [the expression] “God, the Lord who is one” (’el yhwh ’ehad). For the Shekhinah has several colors and several appearances, to this prophet [it appears] in one way and to the other in another way. It is seen in seventy aspects according to the numerical value of [the word] radiance (we-nogah), for it has seventy names. But the secret [sod which also equals seventy] is that the Creator is “God, the Lord who is one” [’el yhwh ’ehad which likewise equals seventy]. Even though He has seventy names… He is nevertheless “God, the Lord who is one.”

Translated by Elliot Wolfson in Through a Speculum that Shines- Vision and Imagination in Medieval Jewish Mysticism, Princeton- Princeton University Press, 1994.