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ASBURY PARK, N. J. Jan. 9 (AP)—Police confiscated from 126 to 135 tons of surplus Army explosives and a cache of 5200 combat knives today which they said had been gathered by Zionists for illegal shipment to Palestine, and the New York region of the War Assets Administration ordered frozen all undelivered orders of surplus explosives.

Police said the explosives were part of a 199-ton consignment intended for the Holy Land. Whereabouts of the remaining explosives was not known to authorities tonight.

Three trucks containing 67 tons of high explosives were seized this afternoon in Ulster County, N. Y., after police uncovered an initial cache of 59 to 68 tons last night in a warehouse here at Asbury Park and in a farmhouse at nearby Wall Township.

The combat knives, made originally for the U. S. Navy, were found in the warehouse here today.

John R. Campbell, regional director of the WAA, said in New York the freeze order was a “precautionary measure” against “any possible illegal handling of explosives, in cooperation with the normal police powers of local and Federal Government.”

Monmouth County Prosecutor J. Victor Carton, who said he was “firmly convinced” the arms cache was intended to be shipped to Palestine, said the warehouse and farm belonged to Charles Lowy, member of the Asbury Park Zionist organization.

Lowy and eight other men were arrested last night on charges of transporting and storing explosives without a permit, and the drivers of the trucks seized this afternoon in Ulster county were taken into custody for questioning.

All but Lowy had been released tonight on bail furnished by Zimel Resnick, former chairman of the local Zionists, who described himself as a business associate of Lowy.

Forty-two tons of the explosives were found on Lowy’s farm as a result of a tip from an anonymous farmer, State police said, and the remaining 17 tons were discovered in a large truck-trailer parked outside Lowy’s warehouse here at Asbury Park.

The explosives came from the Seneca Ordnance Depot at Romulus, N. Y.