Rabban Gamliel from Sarajevo HaggadahRabbi Akiva met a tanna in Babylonia, Nehemiah of Bet Deli, who had been a student of Rabban Gamliel I in the Land of Israel. He was still able to transmit traditions from his teacher that were not known in the Land of Israel.

“Rabbi Akiva said, “When I went down to Nehardea (133) to intercalate the year, Nehemiah of Bet Deli met me, and he said to me, ‘I have heard that in the Land of Israel, the sages, excepting Rabbi Judah ben Bava, do not allow a woman to marry again on the evidence of one witness [that her first husband is dead].’ I answered, ‘It is so.’ ‘Tell them in my name,’ he said, ‘I received a tradition from Rabban Gamliel the Elder (134) that they may allow a woman to remarry on the evidence of one witness.’ And when I came and recounted the mater before Rabban Gamliel II, he rejoiced at my words and said, ‘We have now found a fellow for Rabbi Judah ben Bava.'”

(133) A major center of Jewish population in Babylonia.

(134) Rabban Gamliel I