Memorandum Submitted by the Arab Higher Committee to the Permanent Mandates Commission and the Secretary of State for the Colonies – July 23rd 1937 (16 pages)

This memorandum was written as Response to the Report of the Royal Commission for Palestine, published in 1937.

Problems with Commission Plan, pp. 3-15

  • Dissatisfaction with Partition Plan, p. 3

Erroneous Premise Arab and Jewish Cases are of Equal Weight, pp. 3-4

  • “…the Arabs of Palestine…lived in it prior to the British Occupation for hundreds of years and in it they still constitute the overwhelming majority. The Jews on the other hand are a minority of intruders…It is impossible to find either in logic or morality any justification for the attempt to renew this broken connection by the establishment of a so-called Jewish National Home.”

-WWI and Obligations of the British government

  • “The Arabs have always repudiated the declaration given to the Jews as an undertaking which Great Britain should never have assumed, and which…was against all natural principles, in so far as it aims at establishing an alien people in a country where no sort of justification exists for their settlement as a nation.”

-Arab protest against Balfour Declaration, p. 5

-Irreconcilability of Arab-Jewish Conflict, pp. 5-6

Royal Commission’s Recognition of Arab aspirations for Independence and
Repudiation of Jewish National Home, p. 6

-Advocate Arab Majority Rule in Palestine, pp. 6-7

-Impossibility of Solving World Jewish Problem through Palestine, pp. 7-8

-Arab Rejection Royal Commission’s Partition Plan, pp. 8-11, 14-15

-Christian Arabs, pp. 11-12

-English Imperialist Intentions, p. 12

-Rejection of Proposed Arab State, pp. 12-14

Proposed Solution to Palestine Problem, pp. 15-16

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Cover of Memorandum Submitted by the Arab Higher Committee, July 23, 1937.