Mount of Olives, Christians, Jizyah

Expulsion of Christians

When he came within sight of the Holy City, ‘Omar exclaimed: “Ullah Acher (God is great). O God give us an easy conquest.” He then pitched his tent on the Mount of Olives and awaited response to his terms which read:

“In the name of God, merciful compassionate! The following are the terms of capitulation, which I ‘Omar the servant of God, the commander of the faithful, grant to the people of Aelia. I grant them security for their lives, their possessions, and their children; their churches, their crosses, and all that appertains to them, in their integrity, and their lands―to all their religion. Their churches shall not be impoverished, nor destroyed, nor injured; neither their their endowments nor their dignity; and nothing of their property, neither shall the inhabitants of Jerusalem be exposed to violence for following their religion; nor shall one of them be injured; nor shall one of the Jews be impoverished in Aelia. It is stipulated with the people of Aelia that they pay a tribute according to the tribute paid by the people of other cities. Moreover the Greeks and robbers shall depart therefrom, with security for their life and property … And whoever there be of the people of the land who wish reside therein, upon them is the same tribute as upon the people of Aelia. And whosoever wishes to go with the Greeks, or of his magazines. And of all this may God be the Ratifier! And be this the covenant of his Apostle (upon whom be the blessing and peace of God!) and the covenant of the orthodox Caliphs if they yield possession.”

The tribute was five dinars for the richest class; four upon the next; three upon the next. Very old men and very young children did not pay. Three days were assigned for the departure of the Greeks.

Source: Jacob de Haas. History of Palestine: The Last Two Thousand Years