Termination of White Paper of 1939“Proclamation

Upon the validation of the Declaration of independence, which was published today, Thursday 5th, month of Iyar (14 May 1948) and upon it established the Provisional State Council and the Provisional Government of the State of Israel, hereby declare:

  1. The Provisional State Council is the legislative authority. The Provisional State Council is entitled to grant this authority to the Provisional Government for emergency legislation.
  2. Laws established from the White Paper of 1939 are declared null and void.

Sections 13 to 15 of the Immigration Act of 1941, and regulations 102 to 107c of the Defence Act (in times of emergency), 1945, are hereby repealed.

Land Transfer Regulations of 1940 will be repealed as of 18 May 1939.

  1. Except as described in the previous section, and as long as there were no new laws given by the Provisional Government and as long as these laws and changes are accepted due to the establishment of the State and its agencies, the Law that is in force in Israel will remain the same as existed in the land of Israel by May 14 1948.

Given today, 5th of lyar (14 May 1948)

Provisional Council of State”