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WASHINGTON, May 19 (AP)-Secretary of State George C. Marshall said today that the question of lifting the embargo on arms for Palestine is tied up with steps which the United Nations Security Council might take to halt fighting in the Holy Land.

Mr. Marshall told a news conference that the United States has had under consideration for some time the question of lifting the ban on shipping American arms to Palestine and neighboring lands. The embargo was imposed Dec. 5.

In deciding whether to keep it in force, the Secretary said, this government has had to consider the attitude of the Security Council. He noted that the United States had asked the Council yesterday for an order to both Jews and Arabs to stop fighting within thirty-six hours.

Mr. Marshall declined to say whether the decision on the arms ban would be held up until the Security Council acted.

At the White House, press secretary Charles G. Ross told a news conference he had no idea when there might be a development on the situation.

Senator Styles Bridges, Republican, of New Hampshire, chairman of the Senate Appropriations Committee, issued a statement urging that the arms embargo be lifted as a “matter of good sense.”

“It is everywhere acknowledged that the forces of Communism are undermining freedom in many areas by supplying arms to those who support their totalitarian cause. “Senator Bridge said. “It follows, then that it would make good sense for the government of the United States to lift the arms embargo in order that small nations can achieve and maintain independence and help us restore order in the world.”

Representative Arthur G. Klein, Democrat, of New York, said Great Britain is sabotaging the infant State of Israel by supplying arms to the Arabs.

In a brief speech prepared for delivery to the House, he said, “Badly, boldly and without shame, the British Foreign Office has defied the U. N., international comity and rudimentary decency by the shameful declaration that Great Britain will continue to furnish arms to Trans-Jordan.”

Representative Klein urged that the Security Council invoke at once against Britain and all the states of the Arab League every sanction, including intervention of armed forces, to prevent “any more carnage.”

Jewish Welfare Parley Backs U. S. Aid to Israel

ATLANTIC CITY, May 19.-A resolution urging that American arms and economic aid be sent to the new state of Israel was approved today at the final session of the annual meeting here of the National Conference of Jewish Social Welfare.

The 1,000 delegates also approved a resolution petitioning President Truman to carry out those recommendations of his Civil Rights Committee that can be imposed by executive order.

Before the meeting at the Ambassador Hotel adjourned the delegates elected Samuel Levine, executive director of the Jewish Community Center of Chicago, to head the conference for the next year. He succeeds Louis Sobel, of New York.

Mustering-Out Pay Bill Signed

WASHINGTON, May 19 (UP).-President Truman signed into law today a bill giving World War II veterans until Feb. 3, 1950, to apply for mustering-out pay.