churchillIn his later years, he liked to boast that in 1921 he created the British mandate of Trans-Jordan, the incarnation of what still is the kingdom of Jordan, “with the stroke of a pen, one Sunday afternoon in Cairo.”

Source: “Borderlines and Borderlands,” (pg 189) edited by Alexander C. Diener and Joshua Hagen

The Palestine Mandate is Reduced by 75%

“The outstanding question to be discussed (at the Cairo Conference) was the policy to be adopted with regard to Trans-Jordania, and its effect upon the strength of the Imperial garrison in Palestine.

The Conference recommended that Trans-Jordania should be constituted an Arab providence of Palestine under an Arab governor, responsible to the High Commissionor.  On this assumption they recommended the immediate military occupation of Trans-Jordania, without which they understood that it would be impossible to secure a settled government there or to stop anti-French action initiated in the British zone.”

Source: Report on Middle East Conference Held in Cairo and Jerusalem March 12th to 30 1921 CAB-24-122-0-006