Zadoc_Kahn_by_Nadar,_1910June 11, 1903

Rev. Dr. Zadok Kahn,

Grand Rabbi of France,

Rue St., George, Paris

Dear Doctor-

An idea is prevailing here that we are sending too much money to Kishineff and not enough to other points where there was also great suffering, concerning which not so much was said in the newspapers. If this should be the case, I would ask you in giving the enclosed draft for seventeen hundred and twelve (1712 50/100) Frs. to the Alliance Israelite Universalle, you would give them such understanding as to the disposition of the money as you think will insure its being sent to where it is needed most provided of course, it is in Bessarabia for the sufferers from the recent troubles there. Excuse my troubling you in this matter, but as you know the disposition of Trust Funds is a matter in which extreme care must be used.

It may interest you to know that in all my long experience I have never known of anything outside of the United States that has so deeply stirred the people here, Christians as well as Jews. The newspapers have not only printed the full accounts of what happened at Kishineff, but denunciations of the Russian government as participants in the crime have appeared very often. In the mass meetings that have been held all over the country, men of great prominence, mayor of cities, judges of courts, and clergymen both Protestant and Roman Catholic have spoken out most liberally.

What the outcome of the matter may be as far as the government is concerned, if any, is hard to determine, but this much is certain for a long time to come in the mind of the American people, Russia will be placed no higher ethically and morally than Turkey, and possibly lower.

With assurances of my highest regards dear doctor, I remain

Sincerely Yours,

Leo Wise