Kirkpatrick Says the PLO Does Not Speak for All PalestiniansJeane Kirkpatrick, the United States Ambassador to the United Nations, is firmly convinced that the Palestine Liberation Organization should not be regarded as the sole representative of the Palestinian people. In an interview in her office at the State Department in Washington, she told Israel Radio yesterday-

“I think it is a very great mistake to equate the PLO with the Palestinians. The PLO is one organized manifestation of the Palestinians, but not the only one. They do not speak for all Palestinians.”

Mrs. Kirkpatrick charged that the PLO worked together with the Communists and the Cubans to support terrorist activities throughout the world, to create instability in such places as Nicaragua, Salvador and elsewhere. “Fatah and other Arab groups are very frank about this, by the way,” she said.

She said the PLO also represented a danger to the traditional moderate Arab rulers, “and in some sense these (moderates) are riding the back of a tiger when they support the PLO.”