Sepphoris MosaicProtection of Synagogues and the Jewish Sabbath

“No one shall dare to violate or seize and occupy what are known the names of synagogues and are assuredly frequented by the conventicles of the Jews, for all must retain what is theirs with unmolested right and without harm to religion and cult. Furthermore, since the ancient custom and usage preserved the day of the Sabbath, sacred to the said people of the Jews, we decree that this too must be avoided, that no summons shall constrain a man of the said custom under the pretext of public or private business, for it would seem that all the remaining time suffices for the public laws, and it would be most worthy of the government of our time that former privileges shall not be violated; although it would seem that enough had been legislated on this matter in general constitutions by past Emperors.”

Source: Council of Centers on Jewish-Christian Relations