After the Jordanian army’s attack on the PLO and the killing of thousands of Palestinians, The Mufti of Jerusalem Haj Amin wrote:

“It is almost impossible to conceive of the fratricidal struggle and mutual massacre that recently took place in Jordan between residents of the same country, the same people and the same homeland. Neither the nation nor history can possibly forgive even a single one of those responsible for this act.

The present phenomenon of internal fighting in Jordan, and the mutual massacres in Amman, Irbid, al-Zarka, and other towns is worse than the case of the residents of Constantinople, who argued among themselves about the question of whether the angels are male or female, while the Sultan Muhammad al-Fatih laid siege to their city…

While the residents of Constantinople argued with words, we fight each other with artillery, missiles, tanks and guns, and massacre one another, while the enemy looks on and laughs at our expense. Moreover, he is preparing himself well for further conquests of our land and country, and for a further expulsion of our people.

The fact that the number of those killed by their brother’s lead bullets is greater than the number of those killed by the lead bullets of their Israeli enemies is a cause for sorrow and tears.

                It is almost impossible to believe, yet true. The time has come to bring this dreadful disaster and terrible destruction to an end.”